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When set to true, the S3 file browser is displayed in the GUI for locating files. For more information, see S3 Browser. 

Set this value to the name of the S3 bucket to which you are writing.

  • When webapp.storageProtocol is set to s3, the output is delivered to

Access Key ID for the AWS account to use.


NOTE: This value cannot contain a slash (/).


Secret Access Key for the AWS account.


Add references to any additional S3 buckets to this comma-separated array of values.

The S3 user must have read access to these buckets.

Specify gateway VPC endpoint


NOTE: This section applies if you have installed into a pre-existing VPC or if your S3 bucket is located in a different region from the

D s platform
. Otherwise, these steps are not required.

For more information about cross-region support, see Additional Configuration below.

If you have installed the 

D s platform
 into an existing VPC, you may need to specify the VPC endpoint through which the platform connects to S3. 


  1. Acquire the VPC endpoint from your AWS console. For more information, see
  2. D s config
  3. Locate the following parameter:

    Code Block
    "aws.s3.endpoint": "<your_VPC_endpoint_goes_here>"
  4. Specify the VPC endpoint value for the parameter.
  5. Save your changes.

Enable use of server-side encryption