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  • Excel (XLS/XLSX), upload only


    Tip: You may import multiple worksheets from a single workbook at one time. See Import Excel Data.

  • CSV
  • JSON, including nested



    D s product
    requires that JSON files be submitted with one valid JSON object per line. Consistently malformed JSON objects or objects that overlap linebreaks might cause import to fail. See Initial Parsing Steps.

  • Plain Text
  • LOG
  • TSV



    NOTE: XML files can be ingested as unstructured text. XML support is not enabled by default. For more information, please contact

    D s proserv


  • Avro



D s product
supports Hive connectivity, which can be used to read data for Hadoop file formats that are not listed here, such as Parquet. For more information, please view the documentation for your Hive version.

For more information on data is handled initially, see Initial Parsing Steps.


Native Output File Formats

D s product
 can write to these file formats:

  • CSV
  • JSON


  • Tableau (TDE)


    NOTE: Publication of results in TDE format may require additional configuration. See below.


  1. Login to the application as an administrator.
  2. From the menu, select Settings menu > Settings > Admin Settings.
  3. For each of the following file formats, locate the listed parameter, where the related binary code can be executed:

    File FormatParameterSetting to Add
    Code Block
    -Dorg.xerial.snappy.tempdir=<some executable directory>
    Code Block
    Code Block
    -Djna.tmpdir=<some executable directory>
  4. Save your changes and restart the platform.

  5. Run a job configured for direct publication of the modified file format.