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  • Dev instance: If you are using an instance of the platform for developing and testing your flows, you can import a new flow through the Flows page. 


    NOTE: Unless your instance of the platform has been specifically configured to support deployment management, you are using a Dev instance of the platform.


    NOTE: If you are attempting to share a flow with other users on the same instance of the platform, you should use the sharing functions. See Overview of Sharing.

  • Prod instance: If you are importing a flow into a Production instance of the platform, you import it as a package through the Deployments page.


    NOTE: Deployment management is a feature that enables segmentation of platform usage between Dev instances and Prod instances. This feature must be enabled and configured. For more information, see Overview of Deployment Management.




You cannot import flows that were exported from a different edition, release, or build of the product.

Imported flows do not contain the following objects: