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For the following release, the

D s platform
supports the following Hortonworks versions.

  • Hortonworks 3.1.x (Release 6.0.1 and later)

  • Hortonworks 3.0.x


    NOTE: Spark 2.4 is not supported on Hortonworks 3.0 or later. Please use Spark 2.3. See Configure for Spark.

  • Hortonworks 2.6.x
  • Hortonworks 2.5.x

NOTE: Hortonworks 2.4.x is no longer supported. For best results, please upgrade your Hadoop distribution.



  • Update Date: March 4April 1, 2019
  • The
    D s platform
    supports all variants of patch or point releases (X.Y.* and X.Y.*.* releases) through the Hadoop vendor's backwards compatibility policy.
  • For individual versions of Hadoop components (such as HDFS, Spark, and Hive), the
    D s platform
    supports the component version that is bundled with the vendor's package for the supported Hadoop distribution.
  • For more information on how to set up your Hadoop distribution, please consult the documentation provided with your distribution or contact your distribution vendor.





Platform Security

HDFS File PermissionsSupported.
HDFS PrivilegesSupported through Ranger.
Hive PrivilegesSupported through Ranger.
Kerberos-Enabled Hadoop Cluster

Supported. See Configure for Kerberos Integration.

Secure User Impersonation

Supported. See Configure for Secure Impersonation.