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For this release, the

D s platform
 supports the following Cloudera versions. 


NOTE: Cloudera 6.0 and later requires use of native Hadoop libraries from the cluster. See Configure for Spark.

  • Cloudera 6.1.x (Release 6.0.1 and later)

  • Cloudera 6.0.x (recommended)


    NOTE: Spark 2.4 is not supported on Cloudera 6.0 or later. Please use Spark 2.32. See Configure for Spark.

  • Cloudera 5.16.x (Release 6.0.1 and later)
  • Cloudera 5.15.x
  • Cloudera 5.14.x (recommended)


    NOTE: Cloudera 5.13.x and Cloudera 5.12.x are no longer supported. For best results, please upgrade your Hadoop distribution.