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  • If possible, you should maintain separate instances of the platform for Dev and Prod. 
    • If you must use the All-in-One method of managing Dev and Prod instances, you should maintain a small number of non-admin accounts that are specifically used for deployment management.
  • Avoid scheduling Prod executions through Flow View. While possible, these schedules continue to exist even if the version of the flow has been replaced by another. Consequently, schedules that were specified through the application continue to execute, even though the flow itself is outdated. Instead, scheduled executions should be specified at the command line through cron jobs pointing at the latest release of each at all times.
  • Do not modify Flow View settings through a Prod instance. These settings are not applied back to the Dev version and are lost when the next release package is imported.

Job Execution


NOTE: Running a package containing more than 5 concurrent jobs is not supported.

On-demand jobs

You can configure jobs on-demand through the Flow View page of a Production instance. See Flow View Page.