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  1. In the Import Data page, select one of the available connections. 
  2. Navigate through the connection's environment to connection to select the asset to import.
  3. Select the object and click Open.
  4. In the Import Data page, review the settings of the asset in the card in the right panel. Make updates as needed. 
    1. See Import a File.

    2. See Import a Table.


  1. In the Connections page, click Create Connection.
  2. Click the connection category or search for a specific connection to create.
  3. If a connection is grayed out:
    1. It may already exist. Some connections permit only one globally available connect.
    2. It may not be supported in your environmentproduct.
    3. It may be read-only.
  4. Click the name of the connection.
  5. In the Create Connection window, specify the parameters of the connection.