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1Racer Y41.33DQ38.04
2RacerHeat 1Heat 2Heat 3
3Racer X37.2238.2237.61
4Racer Z39.2739.0438.85

While you can undo your sort steps to return to the original sort order, this approach works best if you did not include other steps in between that are based on the sort order.

If you have steps that require retaining your sort steps, you can revert to the original sort order by adding this transform stepYou can use the following transformation to use the third row as your header for each column:


NOTE: Source row information may be lost after operations such as joins, unions, and aggregations are performed. In these cases, you cannot sort by the source row information. You may be able to generate a column of source row number earlier in your recipeThe following does not use the header transform.

D code


Then, you can create the header with the following simple step:

D code

header sourcerownumber:1rename type: header method: index sourcerownumber: 3


After you have applied the last header transform, your data should look like the following: