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Connection TypeDescriptionNotes
SQL DW Read-Only

Read-only access to the SQL DW data warehouse. This connection is available on the Import Data page only.

To create, see Import Data Page.

This connection requires fewer permissions on the data warehouse and its databases but is less performant.

SQL DW Read-Write

Read-write access to the SQL DW data warehouse. This connection is available for reading, direct publishing, and ad-hoc publishing.


NOTE: Under Azure SSO, write operations are not supported through SQL DW connections.

To create, see Connections Page.

This connection requires more permissions. You must also specify an External Datasource Name. See below.


Enter your hostname. Example:


Code Block
PortSet this value to 1433.
DatabaseSet this value to the default database name.
External Data Source NameFor read-write connections, you must provide an External Data Source. Otherwise, the connection is read-only. See above for details.
Connect String options

Include any options required for your environment:

User NameUsername to use to connect to the database.
PasswordPassword associated with the above username.
Credential Type
  • basic - Specify username and password as part of the connection
  • Azure Token SSO - Use the SSO principal of the user creating the connection to authenticate to the SQL Server database. Additional configuration is required. See Enable SSO for Azure Relational Connections.
Default Column Data Type Inference

Set to disabled to prevent the

D s platform
from applying its own type inference to each column on import. The default value is enabled.

Configure for SSO

If you have enabled Azure AD SSO integration for the 

D s platform
, you can create SSO connections to Azure relational databases. See Enable SSO for Azure Relational Connections.


For more information on locating data, see Database Browser.