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These endpoints apply to version 4 of the APIs for the 

D s platform

For more information on support for this version, see API Version Support Matrix.

API Access Tokens

/apiAccessTokensPOSTCreateAPI AccessTokens Create v4
/apiAccessTokensGETListAPI AccessTokens Get List v4
/apiAccessTokens/:idGETReadAPI AccessTokens Get v4
/apiAccessTokens/:idDELETEDeleteAPI AccessTokens Delete v4


/awsConfigs/:idGETReadAPI AWSConfigs Get v4
/awsConfigsGETListAPI AWSConfigs Get List v4
/awsConfigsPOSTCreateAPI AWSConfigs Create v4
/awsConfigs/:idPUTUpdateAPI AWSConfigs Put v4


/awsRoles/:idGETReadAPI AWSRoles Get v4
/awsRolesGETListAPI AWSRoles Get List v4
/awsRolesPOSTCreateAPI AWSRoles Create v4
/awsRoles/:idPUTUpdateAPI AWSRoles Put v4
/awsRoles/:idDELETEDeleteAPI AWSRoles Delete v4