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  1. S3 base storage layer: Redshift access requires use of S3 as the base storage layer, which must be enabled. See Set Base Storage Layer


    NOTE: After you define your storage deployment options, you cannot change them for your deployment. For more information, see Storage Deployment Options

  2. Redshift version: For more information on supported versions, see Connection Types.
  3. Same region: The Redshift cluster must be in the same region as the default S3 bucket.
  4. Integration: Your  
    D s item
     is  is connected to one of the supported Spark-based running environmentsa running environment supported by your product edition.
  5. Hadoop deployment: Hadoop is deployed either on-premises or in EC2.
  6. Per-user mode: If per-user mode is enabled for S3, the user must have permission to access the manifest file (if used) and the LIST permission for the Amazon S3 bucket  and the GET permission for the Amazon S3 objects that are being loaded for the bucket to which job results are written for each user.