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Date and timestamp in UTC when the event occurred


NOTE: Log values are timestamped in UTC time zone.

LevelLogging level for the event: info, warning, error, or debug

URL of the endpoint that triggered the event. Hostname and port number are not included.


NOTE: Query parameters are not included in the URL.

methodHTTP method that was used to invoke the request
sidThe user's session identifier. Session Ids may be preserved across logins, but they may occasionally change if the user logs out of the application.
ridThe request identifier is unique to the specific request and is preserved across all services.

Configure output format

By default, logs are in flat text format and exported as .log files. 

Some loggers enable output in JSON format.


NOTE: JSON format is not recommended for

D s product
. You may not be able to download logs in JSON format.

To enable JSON format, locate the appropriate parameter, where the wildcard below represents the service. Set the value to true:

Code Block
"*.loggerOptions.json": true,

Save your changes and restart the platform or service.

More examples are listed below.


The WebApp manages loading of data from the supported connections into the front-end web interface.