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This section provides an overview of sharing principles, limitations, and approaches.


NOTE: You can share connections, too. See Share Connections below.

For more information on how to share a flow or send a copy of it, see  Share Flow Dialog.


In the collaborative approach, two or more users can work on the same flow. When a flow is shared, all flow objects are shared, including:

  • Imported datasets


    NOTE: A dataset that is created with parameters cannot be modified by a collaborator. It can only be modified by the owner.

  • Recipes
  • Job results

NOTE: Sharing of data is managed at the flow level. You cannot share individual recipes or datasets from within a flow.


  1. The default output directories for any user can be accessed by any other user. This configuration must be managed in the base storage layer.
  2. When the sample is executed, an individual user must set his or her default output directory to a location that shared users of the flow can access.

When flows are shared with you, you can access them through the Shared with Me tab in the Flows page. In addition to accessing the flow based on your set of permissions, you can also:

  • Send a copy of the flow to another user


  • Flow definition
  • Recipes in the flow
  • Reference and output objects

  • The original imported dataset(s)

  • Samples
  • Output objects are not included in the shared copy.


  • When you open your flow, you must swap in imported datasets to replace any missing or inaccessible ones. See Flow View Page.


    NOTE: If recipes and imported datasets are removed from the source flow, they disappear from the sent version. This is a known issue.

  • The source of the flow is written in the description of its copy. If that value is changed, you cannot determine through the GUI if the flow was sent or not. 
  • Reference and output objects are not included in the shared copy.
  • In the Edit History panel, all edits made prior to the flow being sent to the current user appear as a single edit.


NOTE: When a flow containing parameters is copied, any changes to parameter values in the copied flow also affect parameters in the original flow. As a workaround, you can export and import the flow into the same system and replace the datasets in the imported flow. This is a known issue.


The users to whom copies are sent are owners of those copies. They have full permissions over the flow and its datasets.