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  • Individual users can now enable or disable keyboard shortcuts in the workspace or Transformer page. See User Profile Page.
  • Configure locale settings at the workspace or user level. See Locale Settings.
  • You can optionally duplicate the datasets from a source flow when you create a copy of it. See Flow View Page.
  • Create a copy of your imported dataset. See Library Page.



  • As of Release 6.8, you can import an exported flow into any edition or release after the build number of the export. See Import Flow

  • Improved monitoring of long-loading relational sources. See Import Data Page.


    NOTE: This feature must be enabled. See Configure JDBC Ingestion.

Transformer Page:

  • Create a new table from selected Select columns, functions applied to your source, and constants to replace your current dataset. See Select.
  • Improved Date/Time format selection. See Choose Datetime Format Dialog.


    Tip: Datetime formats in card suggestions now factor in the user's locale settings for greater relevance.

  • Improved matching logic and performance when matching columns through RapidTarget. 
    • Align column based on the data contained in them, in addition to column name. 
    • This feature is enabled by default. For more information, see Overview of RapidTarget.
  • Improvements to the Search panel enable faster discovery of transformations, functions, and other objects. See Search Panel.


  • For supported browsers, at the time of release, the latest stable version and the two previous stable versions are supported.


    NOTE: Stable browser versions released after a given release of

    D s product
    will NOT be supported for any prior version of
    D s product
    .  A best effort will be made to support newer versions released during the support lifecycle of the release.

    For more information, see Desktop Requirements.



NOTE: In the next release of

D s product
after Release 6.8, support for installation on CentOS/RHEL 6.x and Ubuntu 14.04 will be deprecated. You should upgrade the
D s node
to a supported version of CentOS/RHEL 7.x or Ubuntu 16.04. Before performing the upgrade, please perform a full backup of the
D s platform
and its databases. See Backup and Recovery.

  • Support for Spark 2.1 has been deprecated. Please upgrade to a supported version of Spark.
    • Support for EMR 5.6 and eMR 5.7 has also been deprecated. Please upgrade to a supported version of EMR. 
    • For more information, see Product Support Matrix.
  • To simplify the installation distribution, the Hadoop dependencies for the recommended version only are included in the software download. For the dependencies for other supported Hadoop distributions, you must download them from the 
    D s item
    itemFTP site
     and install them on the 
    D s node
    . See Install Hadoop Dependencies.  
  • D s node
     has been upgraded to use Python 3. This instance of Python has no dependencies on any Python version external to the 
    D s node