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This commission dataset is created by performing an inner join between the sales transaction dataset and the employee dataset. In the Search panel, enter join. See Join DatasetsData.

Lookup values:

In some cases, you might need to include or replace values in your dataset with other columns from another dataset. For example, transactional data can reference product and customer by internal identifiers. You can create lookups into your master data set to retrieve user-friendly versions of customer and product IDs.


For a list of common workflows to enhance your dataset, see Enrichment Tasks.


The data that you see in the Transformer page is a sample of your entire dataset. 

  • If your dataset is small enough, the sample is the entire dataset. 
  • For larger datasets, 
    D s product
     auto-generates an initial sample from the first rows of your dataset.

For larger datasets, you must learn how to generate new samples, which can provide different perspectives on your data and, in complex flows, enhance performance.


Tip: Sampling is an important concept in

D s product

For more information, see Sampling Basics.


As part of the transformation process, you can generate and review visual profiles of individual columns and your entire dataset. These interactive profiles can be very helpful in identifying anomalies, outliers, and other issues with your data. For more information, see Profiling Basics.