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Function CategoryDescription

Aggregate Functions

These functions are used to perform aggregation calculations on your data, such as sum, mean, and standard deviation.
Comparison FunctionsComparison functions enable evaluation between two data elements, which are typically nested (Object or Array) elements.
Math FunctionsPerform computations on your data using a variety of math functions and numeric operators.
Trigonometry FunctionsCalculate standard trigonometry functions as well as arc versions of them.
Date FunctionsUse these functions to extract data from or perform operations on objects of Datetime data type.
String FunctionsManipulate strings, including finding sub-strings within a string.
Nested FunctionsThese functions are designed specifically to assist in wrangling nested data, such as Objects, Arrays, or JSON elements.
Type FunctionsUse the Type functions to identify valid, missing, mismatched, and null values.
Window FunctionsThe Window functions enable you to perform calculations on relative windows of data within your dataset.
Other FunctionsMiscellaneous functions that do not fit into the other categories