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Comment: Published by Scroll Versions from space DEV and version r0681


These endpoints apply to version 4 of the APIs for the 

D s platform
.For more information on support for this version, see API Version Support Matrix.


/apiAccessTokensPOSTCreateAPI AccessTokens Create v4
/apiAccessTokensGETListAPI AccessTokens Get List v4
/apiAccessTokens/:idGETReadAPI AccessTokens Get v4
/apiAccessTokens/:idDELETEDeleteAPI AccessTokens Delete v4



AWS Configs

The AWS configuration object can be created and assigned to individual users.

/awsConfigs/:idGETReadAPI AWSConfigs Get v4
/awsConfigsGETListAPI AWSConfigs Get List v4
/awsConfigsPOSTCreateAPI AWSConfigs Create v4
/awsConfigs/:idPUTUpdateAPI AWSConfigs Put v4

AWS Roles

The AWS roles object can be created to assign an IAM role ARN to an AWS configuration object.


The following endpoints apply only if the

D s platform
has been integrated with an AWS Elastic MapReduce (EMR) cluster. 

/emrClustersPOSTCreateAPI EMRClusters Create v4
/emrClusters/countGETCountAPI EMRClusters Get Count v4
/emrClustersGETListAPI EMRClusters Get List v4
/emrClusters/:idGETReadAPI EMRClusters Get v4
/emrClusters/:idPATCHUpdateAPI EMRClusters Patch v4
/emrClusters/:idDELETEDeleteAPI EMRClusters Delete v4


Databricks clusters

/databricksClusters/saveDatabricksTokenPOSTCreateAPI DatabricksClusters Token Create v4


/v4/outputObjectsPOSTCreateAPI OutputObjects Create v4
/v4/outputObjectsGETListAPI OutputObjects Get List v4
/v4/outputObjects/:idGETReadAPI OutputObjects Get v4
/v4/outputObjects/:idPUTUpdateAPI OutputObjects Update v4
/v4/outputObjects/:idDELETEDeleteAPI OutputObjects Delete v4
/v4/publicationsPOSTCreateAPI Publications Create v4
/v4/publicationsGETListAPI Publications Get List v4
/v4/publications/:idGETReadAPI Publications Get v4
/v4/publications/:idPUTUpdateAPI Publications Update v4
/v4/publications/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Publications Delete v4
/v4/writeSettings POSTCreateAPI WriteSettings Create v4
/v4/writeSettingsGETListAPI WriteSettings Get List v4
/v4/writeSettings/:idGETReadAPI WriteSettings Get v4
/v4/writeSettings/:idPUTUpdateAPI WriteSettings Update v4
/v4/writeSettings/:idDELETEDeleteAPI WriteSettings Delete v4


Deployments and Releases

/deploymentsPOSTCreateAPI Deployments Create v4
/deploymentsGETListAPI Deployments Get List v4
/deployments/:idGETReadAPI Deployments Get v4
/deployments/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Patch v4
/deployments:/:id/objectImportRulesPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Object Import Rules Patch v4
/deployments:/:id/valueImportRulesPATCHUpdateAPI Deployments Value Import Rules Patch v4
/deployments/:id?embed=releasesGETListAPI Deployments Get Release List v4

API Deployments Run v4

/deployments/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Deployments Delete v4
/deployments/:id/releasesPOSTCreateAPI Releases Create v4
/deployments/:id/releases/dryRunPOSTCreateAPI Releases Create DryRun v4
deployments/:id/activeOutputsGETReadAPI Deployments Get ActiveOutputs v4
/releases:idGETReadAPI Releases Get v4
/releases/:idPATCHUpdateAPI Releases Patch v4
/releases/:idDELETEDeleteAPI Releases Delete v4


/peoplePOSTCreateAPI People Create v4
/peopleGETListAPI People Get List v4
/peoplePATCHUpdateAPI People Patch v4
/people/:idGETReadAPI People Get v4
/v4/people/:tid/assetTransfer/:idPATCHUpdateAPI People AssetTransfer v4
/people/:idDELETEDeleteAPI People Delete v4