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  1. D s config
  2. Locate the following parameters and set them to the values listed below:


    NOTE: If you have integrated with Databricks Tables, do not overwrite the value for data-service.hiveJdbcJar with the following value, even if it's set to a different distribution JAR file.

    Code Block
    "hadoopBundleJar": "hadoop-deps/cdh-6.12/build/libs/cdh-6.12-bundle.jar",
    "spark-job-service.hiveDependenciesLocation": %(topOfTree)s/hadoop-deps/cdh-6.12/build/libs"
    "data-service.hiveJdbcJar": "hadoop-deps/cdh-6.12/build/libs/cdh-6.12-hive-jdbc.jar",

  3. Save your changes and restart the platform.