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  • The imported dataset in flow #2 is not refreshed until you run the job that generates it in flow #1.
  • If the output of flow #1 uses the same filename each time, you may not know if the data has been refreshed. When the job is executed in flow #2, it collects the source imported dataset and executes, whether the data is new or not. Workarounds:

    • In flow 2, you can create a parameterized dataset, which collects source data, with some variation in parameters. As long as the output of flow #1 follows the naming convention for the parameterized dataset for flow #2, you should be able to run the job on fresh data on-demand. For more information, see Overview of Parameterization.

    • After the job in flow #2 executes, rename or remove the output of flow #1 from its target location. That way, whenever job #2 executes again, any data that it collects from the source location is likely to be newer. 

See Job Details Page.