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If you are integrating with a supported Hadoop cluster, you must install the dependencies for the Hadoop cluster on the 

D s node
. See below.

7. Set File Ownership


All files in the

D s item
iteminstall directory
and sub-directories must be owned by the same user that is used to run the
D s platform
. Mismatches in ownership and execution permissions can cause services to fail to start.


Before you upgrade, please complete the following:

  1. Login to the 
    D s node
     as the root user.
  2. Execute the following command. The user that is being granted ownership of the install directory is trifacta, which is the default user that runs the platform. If you are using a different user to run your 

    D s item
    , please substitute that name.

    Code Block
    chown -R trifacta:trifacta /opt/trifacta

8. Store install packages

For safekeeping, you should retain all install packages that have been installed with this

D s item