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For smaller datasets, the Transformer page displays the entire dataset. For larger ones, the source data is sampled for use in the Transformer page. Through the Samples panel, you can create new samples and select them for display in the Transformer page.

At the top of the Transformer page, the type of the current sample is displayed next to the dataset name. To open the Samples panel, click the link. In the example below, the Full Data link indicates that the current sample in the Transformer page is the entire datasetindicator:

D caption
Click the Samples linkcurrent sample button.

In the example above, you can see that the current sample is a Random sample.

  • Full Data: The entire dataset is small enough to be displayed in the data grid. The data is not sampled.
  • Initial Sample: The sample is taken from the first set of rows in the first file or table that is part of the dataset. Data from the rest of the first file or table or from other files or tables is not included in the data grid.


    Tip: For purposes of loading the data, the initial sample is generated and displayed at first. For a better representation of the entire dataset, you should create a new sample.

To create a new sample, click Collect a new sample.

The Samples panel is displayed on the right side of the screen:


Tip: You can also open the Samples panel by clicking the Eyedropper icon at the top of the page.

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Samples Panel