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NOTE: Except for database installation and configuration, all install commands should be run as the root user or a user with similar privileges. For database installation, you will be asked to switch the database user account.



  1. Review key sections of the Planning Guide:
    1. Review the System Requirements and verify that all required components have been installed.
    2. Verify that all required System Ports are opened on the node.

    3. Review the System Dependencies in the Planning Guide.

    4. Cluster configuration: Additional steps are required to integrate the 

      D s platform
       with the cluster. See Prepare Hadoop for Integration with the Platform in the Planning Guide.

  2. Acquire your License Key.
  3. Install and verify operations of the datastore, if used.


    NOTE: Access to the cluster may be required.

  4. Verify access to the server where the

    D s platform
     is to be installed.


  1. Login to the 

    D s node
     as an administrator.

  2. Execute the following command to install  nodeJS, nginX, and Supervisor:

    1. Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial):

      Code Block
      sudo apt-get install supervisor=3.2.4 nginx=1.1217.27-1~xenial nodejs=12.16.1-1nodesource1

    2. Ubuntu 18.04 (Bionic Beaver):

      Code Block
      sudo apt-get install supervisor=3.2.4 nginx=1.1417.27-1~bionic nodejs=12.16.1-1nodesource1

  3. Continue with the installation process.