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This example demonstrates how to count the number of occurrences of text patterns in a column.


D generate list excerpts
pagesIF Function


The dataset below contains fictitious tweet information shortly after the release of an application called, "Myco ExampleApp".


11/5/15lawrencetlu38141FALSEJust downloaded Myco ExampleApp! Transforming data in 5 mins!falsetrue
11/5/15petramktng024TRUETry Myco ExampleApp, our new free data wrangling app! See
11/5/15joetri221TRUEProud to announce the release of Myco ExampleApp, the free version of our enterprise product. Check it out at
11/5/15datadaemon994FALSEGreat start with Myco ExampleApp. Super easy to use, and actually fun.falsetrue
11/5/1599redballoons99FALSELiking this new ExampleApp! Good job, guys!falsetrue
11/5/15bigdatadan7182FALSE@support, how can I find example datasets for use with your product?falsefalse

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