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  • Add:
    • Recipe: Add a recipe for this dataset.
    • Join: Join this dataset with another recipe or dataset. If this dataset does not have a recipe for it, a new recipe object is created to store this step. See Join Window. 
    • Union: Union this dataset with one or more recipes or datasets. If this dataset does not have a recipe for it, a new recipe object is created to store this step. See Union Page. 
  • View dataset details: Explore details of the dataset. See Dataset Details Page.
  • Edit name and description: (Available to flow owner only) Change the name and description for the object.
  • Edit parameters: If your dataset contains parameters, you can change the parameters and their default values.
  • Remove structure: (If applicable) Remove the initial parsing structure. When the structure is removed:
    • The dataset is converted to an unstructured dataset. An unstructured dataset is the source data converted into a flat file format.
    • All steps to shape the dataset are removed. You must break up columns in manual steps in any recipe created from the object.
    • See View for Unstructured Datasets.
  • Remove from Flow: Remove the dataset from the flow.
    • All dependent flows, outputs, and references are not removed from the flow. You can replace the source for these objects as needed.


      NOTE: References to the deleted dataset in other flows remain broken until the dataset is replaced.


  • Path: Full path to the target location.
  • Parameters: Indicates the number of parameters in the dataset.
  • Type: Type of the pattern.
  • Rule: Rule applied to the pattern.

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label((label = "dataset_ui") OR (label = "parameters_ui"))