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  • Targets are applied only after initial type inferencing has been applied to the loaded dataset. 


    Tip: As needed, you can disable initial type inferencing when data is imported into the product. See Import Data Page.

  • Type-based matching applies a settype transform to any selected column. No pattern matching or standardization is applied. For more information, see Overview of Pattern Matching.
  • Changes to the underlying objects of a target schema are not reflected in the schema. A target schema is a snapshot of the object at the time of its creation. To update, delete the target and create a new one. 


    Tip: If your target schema source is a recipe, then you can modify the recipe as needed and use it as your target again.


  • Flow View: Select a recipe. From the context menu in the right panel, select Assign Target to Recipe. See Flow View Page.
  • Transformer Page: Above the data grid, click the Target icon and select Attach a new Target
  • Job Details Page: After you have successfully run a job, you can create a new dataset from the Output Destinations tab. Through Flow View, this imported dataset can be used as the schema for wrangling. See Job Details Page.



NOTE: You can run a job even if there are differences between the schema and your dataset. In

D s product
, no error checking is performed between schema and data prior to job execution. If you are publishing to a target that has a predefined schema, a publication error may be generated.

D s also