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At the flow level, you can define flow parameters to reference in your recipes.


flow parameter


 is a variable that is assigned a String value. 


NOTE: Flow parameters apply to recipe steps only.


This override value is applied to all references to the parameter in the flow. 




Through Flow View, overrides can also be applied to the recipe parameters that are included when flow tasks are executed as part of a plan.


Override Evaluation

Override values can be applied in multiple locations. Parameter values are evaluated in the following order of precedence (highest to lowest):


In the column histogram for the paramRegionId column, you can verify that the value 0 is present. Set an override outside at the flow level to insert a different value in the column. For more information, see PARSEINT Function.

Example - Date parameter

Suppose you need to be able to pass a date into the execution of a recipe. If no date is passed in, then the current time is used. The variable is declared as follows:


D trans
WrangleTextderive type:single value:PARSEDATE(${paramDate},['yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS']) as:'paramDate'
p01NameFormula type
p01ValueSingle row formula
p02ValuePARSEDATE(${paramDate},['yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM:SS'])
p03NameNew column name
SearchTermNew formula

For more information, see PARSEDATE Function.

If the inserted value is empty or null, you can insert the current timestamp:


If there is a valid value, then it is written back to the column.See NOW Function.

You can use the following to extract the time value from the parsed date param:


D s also
label(label = "project_management_tasksparameter")