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To prevent overwhelming the client or significantly impacting performance, 

D s product
 generates one or more samples of the data for display and manipulation in the client application. Since 
D s product
 supports a variety of clients and use cases, you can change the size of samples, the scope of the sample, and the method by which the sample is created. This section provides background information on how the product manages dataset sampling.

How Sampling Works


NOTE: Generated samples are created by executing jobs on the applicable running environment. Quick Scan samples are executed in

D s photon
. Full Scan samples are generated in the applicable running environment on the cluster. Each running environment has a proprietary method of calculating the available volume of data in memory which is used for executing the sampling job that is launched in the running environment. As a result, the number of rows returned for the same sample type across different running environments can vary significantly.

Initial Data

When a dataset is first created, a background job begins to generate a sample using the first set of rows of the dataset. This initial data sample is usually very quick to generate, so that you can get to work right away on your transformations.


For more information on sample types, see Sample Types.

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