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  • Parameters: Add a reference to a flow parameter in your transformation. See Manage Parameters Dialog.
  • Metadata. You can insert special strings that evaluate to references of your dataset's metadata. For more information, see Source Metadata References.


For more information on pattern-based matching, see Text Matching.

Flow parameter: You can also insert a flow parameter into your pattern-based inputs in the Transform Builder. To reference a flow parameter, click the Parameterize icon above any field that accepts pattern-based inputs.

  • The parameter values or any overrides applied to those values are applied to the results displayed in the data grid, as well as during job execution.
  • For more information on creating flow parameters, see Manage Parameters Dialog.
  • For more information on parameterization, see Overview of Parameterization.

Delimiter Groups

In the Transform Builder, transforms that require delimiter are organized into delimiter groups, so that you specify only the elements of a pattern that work together. Delimiter groups apply to the following transforms:


D trans
p01NameRow labels
p02NameColumn labels
SearchTermPivot columns

The output can always be ordered using the sort transform. See Sort Transform.New Column Name parameter: For transforms that generate new columns, such as derive and extract, you can optionally specify the name of the new column, which saves adding a step to rename it. In the following example, the values of colA and colB are summed and written to the new column colC:


After you have added a step, you can modify it as needed. In the Recipe panel, select the Pencil icon next to the recipe step. The step is displayed for editing in the Transform Builder.

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