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D toc


This section describes how you interact through



D s platform


 with your 

D s tfs

  • D s tfs
    is a data storage service provided by
    D s company
     for use in
    D s product
  • D s tfs
     provides S3-backed storage services for importing, storing, sampling, and generating results. 
  • D s tfs
     is enabled as the default storage environment for your product. 
    • Optionally, you can set S3 to be the default storage environment and enable 
      D s tfs
       as a secondary storage environment.
    • For more information, see Configure Storage Environment.



Avoid using /trifacta/uploads for reading and writing data. This directory is used by the

D s webapp

Your writeable home output directory is available through your user profile. See Storage Config Page.

Secure Access

Access to 

D s tfs
 is governed by IAM roles that are automatically assigned to workspace users of the product. No additional configuration is necessary to access 
D s tfs


You can create an imported dataset from one or more files stored in

D s tfs


You can parameterize your input paths to import source files as part of the same imported dataset. For more information, see Overview of Parameterization.


  • For more information, see Reading from Sources in
    D s tfs
  • In the Import Data page, click the 
    D s brand
     tab. See Import Data Page.