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D s ed


You can create connections to MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas connections through 

D s webapp
.  These connections enable to read data from the MongoDB workspace.

If you are connecting

D s product
to any relational source of data, you must add the
D s item
to your whitelist for those resources. See Whitelist Platform ServiceFor more information, see Getting Started with Dataprep by Trifacta.

Supported Versions: n/a

Supported Environments:

  • Read: Supported
  • Write: Not supported


For more information on these settings, see

Create connection via API


For more information, see

Flatten Arrays:

By default, CData driver does not flatten Arrays.


For more information, see

Referencing flattened columns:


For more information on CData JDBC drivers, see

Using MongoDB

MongoDB is a NoSQL document database that provides high performance, availability, and scalability. 



Not supported. D s alsolabelmongodb