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Tip: You can use the Change Column Type transformation to override the data type inferred for a column. However, if a new transformation step is added, the column data type is re-inferred, which may override your specific typing. You should consider applying Change Column Type transformations as late as possible in your recipes.


For more information on how the 

D s platform
 applies data types to specific sources of data on import, see Type Conversions.


Optionally, you can choose to disable type inference for schematized sources. A schematized source includes column data type information as part of the object definition. The following schematized sources are supported for import into the 

D s platform

  • All JDBC sources

    InfoNOTE: You cannot disable type inference for Oracle sources. This is a known issue.

    D s oracle type inference

  • Hive
  • Redshift

  • Avro file format


Please perform the following configuration change to disable type inference of schematized sources at the global level.  


  1. D s config
  2. Change the following configuration setting to true:

    Code Block
    "webapp.connectivity.disableRelationalTypeInference": false,

  3. Save your changes.