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You can use the following methods for acquiring statistics on your dataset sample or individual columns in your sample:

  • Sample barIndicator A t the top of the data grid, you can see the name of the sample currently displayed in the grid. For smaller datasets, this sample is the entire dataset. Click this name to display statistics about the currently loaded sample. See Sample Indicator.

  • Status bar: At the bottom of the page, you can review the number of data types and rows and column information for the sample currently displayed in the data grid. These metrics are updated based on the recipe steps that you apply to the sample.
  • Column statistics: You can review basic statistics on individual columns. 

    • Select a column in the data grid. Column information is displayed in the context panel.

    • You can also click the Columns icon at the top of the data grid to select your column to review detailed statistics. See Column Browser Panel.

  • Profile your data: When you run a job on your dataset, you can optionally generate a visual profile of the resulting output. A visual profile can be useful for identifying key metrics on individual columns. See Job Details Page .

  • Computed statistical functions: As needed, you can generate aggregated statistics as part of your recipe. See Aggregate Functions.