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After modifying the config, the udf-service needs to be restarted.

    1. If you created a new UDF, restart the 

      D s webapp

      Code Block
      service trifacta restart
    2. If you have modified an existing UDF, restart the UDF service:


      NOTE: For an existing UDF, you must rebuild the JAR first. Otherwise, the changes are not recognized during service re-initialization.

      Code Block
      service java-udf-service restart
  1. As part of the restart, any newly added Java UDFs are registered with the application.

Enabling UDF service on HDInsight cluster

By default, the UDF service utilizes compression across the websockets when running on the cluster. HDInsight clusters do not support compression on websockets. 

To make sure the UDF service works on your HDInsight cluster, please do the following. 


  1. D s config
  2. Locate the udf-service configuration.
  3. Insert the following extra property in the udf-service configuration area:

    Code Block
    "udf-service": {
       "jvmOptions": "-Dorg.apache.tomcat.websocket.DISABLE_BUILTIN_EXTENSIONS=true",
  4. Save your changes and restart the platform.

Running Your UDF

For more information on executing your UDF in the Transformer page, see User-Defined Functions.