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  • To make changes to the two join keys, mouse over the specified keys.
    • To remove the two columns as join keys, click the X icon.
    • To edit the keys to use and other key options, click the Pencil icon. See below.
    • To add more join keys, click Add


      NOTE: Be careful applying multiple join keys. Depending on the join type, this type of join can greatly expand the size of the generated data.

Edit keys:


By default, matches between join keys are performed on a strict, case-sensitive matching between key values in the selected columns. In some cases, it may be useful to loosen the conditions under which matches are found.


These following options are applied to the join key columns in both sources to attempt to find matches. After the join is executed, no data in either column is changed based on these selections. 

Use metaphoneUse the metaphone algorithm for key value matching with the strong matching requirement. Both primary encodings of each key value must match. See DOUBLEMETAPHONEEQUALS Function.
Ignore caseIgnore case differences between the join key values for matching purposes.
Ignore special charactersIgnore all characters that are not alphanumeric, accented Latin characters, or whitespace, prior to testing for a match.
Ignore whitespaceIgnore all whitespace characters, including spaces, tabs, carriage returns, and newlines.