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Notes and Limitations:




Available Running Environments

D s config

The following parameters define the available running environments:



NOTE: Do not modify the runInDataflow setting.

Configure Default Running Environment

When you specify a job, the default running environment is pre-configured for you, based on the following parameter:


NOTE: If your environment has no running environment such as Hadoop for running large-scale jobs, this parameter is not used. All jobs are run on the 

D s server

Code Block
"webapp.client.maxExecutionBytes.photon": 1000000000,

The default environment presented to you is based on the size of the primary datasource. For the above setting of 1 GB:

Running EnvironmentDefault Condition

D s server

Size of primary datasource is less than or equal to the above value in bytes.
Cluster-based running environmentSize of primary datasource is greater than the above value in bytes.

NOTE: This setting defines only the environment that is recommended to you as a predefined selection. If a second running environment, you can choose to select it, although it is not recommended to choose an environment other than the default. See Run Job Page.


Setting this value too high forces more jobs onto the

D s server
, which may cause slow performance and can potentially overwhelm the server.


Tip: To force the default setting to always be a Hadoop or bulk running environment, set this value to 0. All users are recommended to use the bulk option instead of the

D s server
. However, smaller jobs may take longer than expected to execute.