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(required) Internal identifier for the object whose results you wish to generate. The recipes of all preceding datasets on which this dataset depends are executed as part of the job.

(required, if first time running the job) Indicates the running environment on which the job is executed. Accepted values:

  • photon
  • spark - Spark job on the integrated Hadoop cluster
  • databricksSpark - Spark implementation on Azure Databricks

For more information, see Running Environment Options.


(required, if first time running the job) When set to true, a visual profile of the job is generated as specified by the profiling options for the platform. See Profiling Options.

overrides.writesettings(required, if first time running the job) These settings define the publishing options for the job. See below.

(optional) If this value is set to null, then the job does not show up in the Job Results page.

If set to cli, the job appears as a CLI job.

See Job Results Page.