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When you create or edit a transform, the data grid displays a preview of results of the transform.   Transform previews assist in specifying and validating the transformation steps before they are applied.  Although Although final results may not be exactly represented, a preview gives a good indication of the changes. 

When you review a preview, keep the following in mind: 

  • Previewed columns cannot be filtered or hidden.
  • You cannot rename or change the data type of a previewed column until you add the change to your recipe.
  • Selection of column headers is disabled.

For example, you want you want to remove leading and trailing quotation marks from all columns. You highlight the quotation marks in one cell and select a suggestion card for Replace:


To replace in all columns, you click the third option.   To verify that it is correct for your needs, you click click Edit .  

The transform preview displays in the data grid for each column to be modified:


When you modify the transform in the Transform Builder,  the the preview is updated as you type. 

  • You can review the preview results using independent scroll bars in the transform preview.
  • Previews of transforms are displayed next to each source column.
  • You can apply filters to the preview through the filter drop-down. These filters persist after the preview is completed.


Previews vary depending on the type of transform.  For For example, if you create a transform to replace values in a column, the preview displays the results of that transform. If you create a transform to extract values from a column, the preview displays the values that will be extracted.


Split pane previews: For transforms that change the number of rows and columns, the results of the transform are previewed in a split pane view in the data grid and in the column browser.  The The following transform types are previewed in a split pane:  
  • pivot
  • deduplicate
  • unpivot

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Split Pane Preview