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D toc

Deletes a set of rows in your dataset, based on a condition specified in the row expression. If the conditional expression is true, then the row is deleted. 

The delete transform is the opposite of the keep transform. See Keep Transform.

D s

D code
delete row:(dateAge >= 90)

Output: For each row in the dataset, if the value in the dateAge column is greater than or equal to 90, the row is deleted. 

D s
D code

delete row:(expression)

TokenRequired?Data TypeDescription
deleteYtransformName of the transform
rowYstringExpression identifying the row or rows to delete. If expression evaluates to true for a row, the row is removed.  

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row Parameter
row Parameter


D code

delete row: (lastContactDate < 01/01/2010 || status == 'Inactive')

Output: Deletes any row in the dataset where the lastContactDate is before January 1, 2010 or the status is Inactive

D s

Required?Data Type
YesExpression that evaluates to true or false

D s

Example - Remove old products and keep new orders

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EXAMPLE - Delete and Keep Transforms
EXAMPLE - Delete and Keep Transforms

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