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"data-service.hiveManagedTableFormat"Managed table format for your Hive deployment. Default is PARQUET.
"data-service.hiveJdbcJar"Path to the JAR to use for JDBC connectivity to Hive. Default path depends on your Hadoop distribution.

Configure Data Service for Tableau Server

The following properties apply to how the platform publishes to Tableau Server.

D s config


Number of bytes of data to include in each HTTP request chunk when publishing to Tableau Server. When the

D s webapp
publishes a file to Tableau Server, the file is divided into chunks, and each chunk is attached as part of a HTTP request payload. This flag controls the chunk size in bytes.

When the chunk size is large, the number of HTTP requests required to send the whole file to Tableau Server is smaller. However, a large chunk size increases the risk of a RequestTimeoutException, which causes the publishing job to fail.

Default is 3000000 bytes.

Additional Configuration

The following aspects of the data service can be configured outside of the application: