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D toc


Learn the basics of how to import, wrangle, execute jobs, profile, and export your data from

D s product


Object overview: You should review the overview of the objects that are created and maintained in 

D s product
. See Object Overview.

Example Flows

New users of

D s product
can learn by example! When a new workspace is created, the first user can access example flows through the product. You can learn more about how to build a flow and perhaps acquire some tips on how to apply to your uses.


  1. Log in to the
    D s webapp
  2. In the left navigation bar, click the Flows icon.
  3. Select any of the Example Flow flows.
  4. Each flow contains detailed notes on the various objects in the flow, as well as recommended practices for building your own flows.

NOTE: These flows are provided only to the first user of a new workspace. This user must invite other users and can then share the flow.