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NOTE: Matching file path patterns in a large directory can be slow. Where possible, avoid using multiple patterns to match a file pattern or scanning directories with a large number of files. To increase matching speed, avoid wildcards in top-level directories and be as specific as possible with your wildcards and patterns.


Tip: For best results when parameterizing directories in your file path, include the trailing slash (/ ) as part of your parameterized value.


  • You can choose to search nested folders for files that match your specified pattern.


  1. Run-time overrides: Parameter values specified at run-time for jobs. 


    NOTE: The override value is applied to all subsequent operations in the platform. When a job is submitted to the job queue, any overrides are applied at that time. Changes to override values do not affect jobs that are already in flight.


    NOTE: You can specify run-time override values when executing jobs through the APIs. See API Workflow Task - Run Job.

    See Run Job Page.

  2. Flow level overrides: At the flow level, you can specify override values, which are passed into the flow's objects. These values can be overridden by overrides set in the above locations. See Manage Parameters Dialog.
  3. Default values: If no overrides are specified, the default values are applied:
    1. Imported datasets: See Create Dataset with Parameters.
    2. Flow parameters: See Manage Parameters Dialog.
    3. Output parameters: See Run Job Page.
  4. Inherited (upstream) values: Any parameter values that are passed into a flow can be overridden by any matching override specified within the downstream flow.