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  • For 
    D s product
    D s product
     editions, these permissions are contained in the roles/Dataprep.User role, which is available when the product is licensed for a project. See below. 
  • For 
    D s product
    , an additional set of permissions is required to perform actions on the data and gain access to the data.  For a list of required permissions, see Required Dataprep User Permissions.

Assign roles/Dataprep.User


  1. To open the 
    D s platform
     console from the product, click the Console icon at the bottom of the left nav bar.
  2. In the console, select the project that was enabled for 
    D s product
  3. In the left nav bar of the console, click IAM & Admin > Roles. See
  4. In the Roles page, select + Create Role.
  5. In the Create Role panel, enter the following:
    1. Title: This value identifies the role in the console. Suggested title: Dataprep Trifacta Premium Full
    2. Description: Enter a meaningful text description.
    3. ID: Set this value to an internal identifier for this role. Suggested value: DataprepTrifactaPremiumFull
    4. Role launch stage: Set this value based on your enterprise workflow requirements.
  6. Permissions: If there are additional permissions listed below, then these permissions need to be added to a role. 


    Tip: You may wish to copy these roles to a text editor to assist in searching for them in the next step.

    1. Click + ADD PERMISSIONS.
    2. Select all of the permissions that need to be added. For more information, see Required Dataprep User Permissions.
    3. Click ADD.
    4. The permissions are added to the role.
  7. If all looks good in the role definition, click Create