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  • Support for timezone offset from UTC indicated by +hh:mm, +hhmm, or +hh. For example, the date '2013-11-18 11:55-04:00' is recognized as a DateTime value.

  • Datetime part functions (for example, Hour) truncate time zones and return local time.
  • If you have a column with multiple time zones, you can convert the column to Unixtime so you can perform Date/Time operations with a standardized time zone. If you want to work with local times, you can truncate the time zone or use other Datetime functions. See UNIXTIME Function.

Job Execution

Datetime data typing involves the basic type definition, plus any supported formatting options. Depending on where the job is executed, there may be variation in how the Datetime data type is interpreted. 

  • Some running environments may perform additional inference on the typing.


    NOTE: During job execution on Spark, inputs of Datetime data type may result in row values being inferred for data type individually. For example, the String value 01/10/2020 may be inferred by date transformations as 1st Oct, 2020 or 10th Jan, 2020. Resulting outputs of Datetime values may not be deterministic in this scenario.

  • Some formatting options may not be supported.