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  • Recommended limit of 1 GB in source file size. Since conversion happens within the 
    D s node
    , this limit may vary depending on the memory of the 
    D s node
  • Each JSON record must be less than


    20 MB in size.

  • Filename extensions must be .json or .JSON
  • Conversion of compressed JSON files is not supported. Compressed JSON files can be imported using the previous method. See Working with JSON v1.
  • For best results, all keys and values should be quoted and imported as strings. 


    NOTE: Escape characters that make JSON invalid can cause your JSON file to fail to import.

    • You can escape quote values to treat them as literals in your strings using the backslash character. For example: \"

    • When the values are imported into the Transformer page, the 
      D s webapp
       re-infers the data type for each column.