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Whether data is missing, mismatched, or simply wrong, you can use a variety of methods in



D s webapp
 to replace values in one or more columns with literal values or pattern-based replacements.


Replacement methods

In the Transformer page, you can use the following methods to replace values: 

By selection

Select a value in the data grid to prompt a series of suggestions on what to do with the data. Typically, replacement options are near the top of the suggestions.


Tip: You can replace specific values in a column with a preferred value. For more information, see Replace Cell Values.

By column menuFrom the column menu to the right of the column, select Replace and a sub-menu item to begin configuring a replacement transformation. See Column Menus.
By Transformer toolbarAt the top of the data grid, click the Replace icon in the Transformer toolbar to begin configuring replacements. See Transformer Toolbar.
By Search panelIn the Search panel, enter replace to build a replacement transformation from scratch. See Search Panel.

Replace by selection

When you select data in the data grid, the replacement suggestions are pre-specified for you, including a number of variants available in the suggestion card. 



NOTE: In the above example, the Date/Time type parameter applies only to replacements that are mismatched against the Date/Time data type. This parameter is used to specify the Datetime format against which the source values are validated. The parameter does not appear in Replace mismatched values transformations for other data types.

Rename columns



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