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NOTE: An imported dataset is a pointer to a source of data. It cannot be modified or stored within

D s product


NOTE: External sources of data are not supported in

D s product
. All sources must be uploaded files.

  • An imported dataset can be referenced in recipes.
  • Imported datasets are created through the Import Data Page.
  • For more information on the process, see Import Basics.


When you select a recipe's reference object, you can add it to another flow. This object is then added as a reference dataset in the target flow. A reference dataset is a read-only version of the output data generated from the execution of a recipe's steps.


macro is a sequence of one or more recipe steps that can be parameterized and applied to other recipes. Macros enable consistent reuse of common recipe steps across all of your recipe projects. 

Working with recipes

Recipes are edited in the Transformer page, which provides multiple methods for quickly selecting and building recipe steps.Macros: As needed, you can create reusable sequences of steps that can be parameterized for use in other recipes. For more information, see Overview of Macros