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To change the data type, you can:

  • Click the data type icon.
  • Select Edit data type from the column menu. See Column Menus.


If you are concatenating string-based content between multiple columns, use the Merge Columns transformation The following creates a third column with a dash between the values of the two source columnstransformation. In the following example, the Merge Columns transformation is used to bring together the order ID (ordId) and product ID (prodId) columns, with the dash character used as the delimiter between the two column values:

D trans
p01ValueColAordId, ColBprodId
p03NameNew column name
SearchTermMerge columns


Tip: This method can be used for columns of virtually any type. Change the data type of each column to String and then perform the merge operation.

Array column types can be


concatenated with the ARRAYCONCAT function. See ARRAYCONCAT Function.


Tip: You can also use the MERGE function to accomplish the above actions. The function method is useful if you are performing a separate transformation action on the data involved. For example, you could use the function if you are using the Edit formula column to modify a column in place. See MERGE Function.

Summing Rows

You can use aggregate functions to perform mathematic operations on sets of rows. Aggregated rows are collapsed and grouped based on the functions that you apply to them. See Aggregate Functions.