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Source column must be of String type, although the data can be formatted as other data types.  The The generated column is of Object type.  

 Your source column (MyKeyValues) is formatted in the following manner:


D code
extractkv col: MyKeyValues key:`{alpha}+{digit}` valueafter: '=' delimiter: ','

Output:  The generated column contains data that looks like the following:


D code

extractkv col:column_ref delimiter:string_literal_pattern key:string_literal_pattern valueafter:string_literal_pattern [as:'new_column_name']

ParameterRequired?Data TypeDescription
extractkvYtransformName of the transform
colYstringSource column name
delimiterYstringString literal or pattern that identifies the separator between key-value pairs
keyYstringPattern that identifies the key to match
valueafterYstringString literal or pattern after which is located a key's value
asNstringName of the newly generated column

D s lang notes


Identifies the column to which to apply the transform. You can specify only one column.


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