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This dataset contains onboarding milestones for three employees who joined the company at the same time. The milestones were recorded and organized by date as individual items, so it's not easy to verify that all five milestones have been checked off for each employee:

  • Orientation

  • Contact Info

  • Acquire Computer

  • HR Policies Training

  • Product Training

4/4/16Bowie KuhnOrientation
4/4/16Happy ChandlerContact Info
4/4/16Bowie KuhnContact Info
4/4/16Bowie KuhnAcquire Computer
4/4/16Bud SeligProduct Training
4/4/16Bud SeligOrientation
4/5/16Happy ChandlerHR Policies Training
4/5/16Happy ChandlerOrientation
4/5/16Happy ChandlerAcquire Computer
4/5/16Bowie KuhnHR Policies Training
4/5/16Bud SeligHR Policies Training
4/5/16Bud SeligContact Info
4/6/16Happy ChandlerProduct Training


The following transform creates columns for each of the values in the onboardingChecklist Checklist column and adds a yes value where there is a match for the row:


In the generated columns, you can quickly assess whether all three employees have completed an individual onboarding itemchecklist item:

  • Bud Selig has not acquired his computer.
  • Bowie Kuhn has not had product training.
4/4/16Bowie KuhnOrientationyes    
4/4/16Happy ChandlerContact Info yes   
4/4/16Bowie KuhnContact Info yes   
4/4/16Bowie KuhnAcquire Computer  yes  
4/4/16Bud SeligProduct Training   yes 
4/4/16Bud SeligOrientationyes    
4/5/16Happy ChandlerHR Policies Training    yes
4/5/16Happy ChandlerOrientationyes    
4/5/16Happy ChandlerAcquire Computer  yes  
4/5/16Bowie KuhnHR Policies Training    yes
4/5/16Bud SeligHR Policies Training    yes
4/5/16Bud SeligContact Info yes   
4/6/16Happy ChandlerProduct Training   yes