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To perform a simple counting of distinct non-nulls without conditionals, use the COUNTDISTINCT function. See COUNTDISTINCT Function.

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D code

pivot value: COUNTDISTINCTIF(entries, entryValidation == 'Ok') group:City limit:1

Output: Generates a two-column table containing the unique values for City and the count of distinct non-null values in the entries column for that City value when the entryValidation value is 'Ok'. The limit parameter defines the maximum number of output columns.

D s

D code

pivot value:COUNTDISTINCTIF(col_ref, test_expression) [group:group_col_ref] [limit:limit_count]

ArgumentRequired?Data TypeDescription
col_refYstringReference to the column you wish to evaluate.
test_expressionYstringExpression that is evaluated. Must resolve to true or false